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      Trousers or pants are the most common bottom wear used by both genders. Trousers are arguably one of the oldest bottom wear in use and can be worn anywhere. Trousers are used to attain a formal and professional look and give an intellectual vibe. These are made by sewing two pieces for the leg separately and then adjoining them to create perfect looking and comfortable bottom wear. However, they can be worn in casual events and are primarily used for formal meetings and events. Trousers are being worn by Women since the pre-modern era and are an integral part of their wardrobe.

      They come in various colors and patterns and provide much more flexibility to move for women. Much safer and comfortable than the other formal options such as a skirt, a trouser allows a woman to focus on making a style statement.


      Historians have unearthed the first use of trousers in the military in ancient times. The style statement of today was initially invented for a practical purpose. Riding horseback proved difficult in the then prevalent robes, and hence the military tailors came with trousers as a solution. The evolution of trousers continued over centuries to reach the current form.

      Even though both sexes wore trousers, they were termed as 'masculine. However, the tradition changed in the mid-1800s when Women started using trousers for leisure activities. They allowed freedom of movement and were considered safer than skirts and tunics, which was the go-to choice during those times. Slowly trousers became the favorite choice for several women and were popularized by several leading businesswomen who wore them to their workplaces. Starting from the 1970's trousers became the first choice for women in all types of formal events and causal celebrations.

      Types of Trousers For Women & Girls:

      The most common form of trousers is loose, long-form of bottom wear which starts from the waist and ends at the ankle. However, there are several trendier selections of trousers present in the market that offer various looks. The most common ones are:

      • Bush Pants: These types of pants are heavily prevalent amongst modern women. They are loosely fitted and come in straight-leg style. These usually have two pockets over thighs but can also come with additional pockets. They suit best in khaki or grey color.
      • Capri Pants: Capri Pants emerged on the fashion scene in the last century and have never left since. These are short-length pants and end somewhere between knees and ankles; they are super comfortable and give a trendy look. They can be worn in any color and design.
      • Cigarette Pants: First brought into the limelight by the British fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. These are high waist, narrow fitted pants which end up at your ankles. Though available in all colors and designs, the most popular color for cigarette pants is black.
      • Hip Huggers: These kinds of pants provide the women with a hot look. They became popular during the 1960s when the fashion industry started liberating the World with new trends and designs. These Hip huggers are designed to fit around the hips instead of the waist and are the most popular choice for a desirable look. Hip Huggers trousers for girls.