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      Punjabi Suits (Patiala Suit) is a traditional suit of Punjab as it is commonly worn by the women of the Punjab region of India. The world has progressed in many ways, and so has the fashion industry, and as a consequence, we are having a wide range of variety in modern Punjabi suits. These Punjabi suits are available in various designs, embellishments, embroideries, zari work, and various other styles and patterns.

      The origin of this dress can be traced back to the times of the Mughals. They introduced salwar kameez to the Indians over the decades. Today, this attire is loved across the Indian subcontinent, majorly because of its versatility and comfort.

      A traditional Punjabi Patiala Suit is a three-piece suit that consists of a kurta/kameez that is a top having long sleeves and knee-length with side seams cut to open below the navel. The bottom of this attire is a salwar or Patiala, a loose, comfortable set of pants with a broad and ballooning shape at the top, which then tapers down at the bottom.

      A Patiala Salwar has a distinctive feature that it has pleating at the waist, and a drawstring is used to fit your salwar as per your preferred level of comfort. Finally, the third piece of this suit is a long scarf called the dupatta, worn over the shoulder in a folded way. Also, it is worn over the head or around the neck, all according to one's preferences.

      Similarly, Patiala Suit designs incorporate gorgeous hand-crafted embroidered patterns like Resham and Phulkari. It is also adorned with ethnic motifs like flowers, birds, leaves, and paisley, etc. Another attractive feature about this outfit is that there can be numerous variations in it for many different occasions. The zari embroidered Punjabi suit made of silk is perfect for grand occasions like weddings and parties. However, cotton Punjabi suits are used for casual use only.

      There are various kinds of Punjabi Suits available today. The most common of all types is the Punjabi Patiala Salwar Suit. Apart from the beautiful-looking design, it is the utter comfort factor that makes it a preference of women of all ages. These suits are available in a wide range of materials and colours to pick from. Mostly, the women of North India commonly wear it almost every day.

      Also, punjabi suits party wear with Palazzos is trending these days. It comprises beautiful and trendy Palazzos type salwar and baggy kameez. It is available in various fabrics, traditional patterns, colours, sequin work, patchwork, border work, and many more attractive improvements. Apart from being just beautiful, it is extremely comfortable as well. It is usually a favourite choice for most young to middle-aged women.

      Similarly, a Punjabi Ghaghra suit is another traditional attire that the young woman loves the most. It is easily accessorized and paired with a beautiful knee-length or a floor-length kameez. Also, there is an amazingly wide range of motifs, designs, floral patterns, and a combination of colours from which you can easily pick according to your taste and personality.

      Party wear Punjabi suits are among these suits that help you appear tasteful, sophisticated constantly no matter the event. They're so delicate and beautiful that any routine could be only right for almost any one. shop garb supplies the best women salwar suits . Our Designs are handpicked from the top vendors of this marketplace and many are sources of shop garb too. We've got the ideal assortment for patiala matches for marriage online.

      A Patiala salwar may be worn out with various kinds of brief and long tops (kameez). Now you may also use a T-shirt to provide a combined Asian and Western appearance. The hottest and conventional shirt used is a brief kameez.

      Punjabi matches as its title implies has its origins in Patiala City from the Northern area of Punjab state in India. The King of Patiala in earlier instances wore a Patiala salwar because of his royal gown. The Patiala Salwar includes a close similarity to the Pathani lawsuit, which includes loose layers much like the ones of a salwar and a very long knee-length shirt known as a kameez. Well as the garment is no more typically worn by guys, it's been classically changed to a women garment with fresh cuts and styles.

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