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      Six yards of pure grace! Sarees truly epitomize the beauty and elegance of a woman. Whatever your style quotient or personality, there is a saree to glam up your look for any occasion. From casual to special events, there’s nothing that makes you shine and stand apart from the crowd other than a beautiful saree. Find it tricky wearing a saree? Our one-minute ready to wear sarees take the hassles out of how to wear a saree!

      1-Minute Sarees to Flaunt a Sizzling & Stylish Look

      At, we understand the pain points of young girls and women when it comes to draping a saree beautifully. Sarees add a glamorous touch to your look, but wearing one can be tricky. It takes time and practice to master the art of saree draping.

      However, in today’s busy world, many women do not get the time to learn how to wear a saree. But at the same time, they wish they could because nothing makes them look more sensuous and beautiful like a saree.  

      For the modern and stylish women of today, we bring an entire range of 1-minute sarees that are easy to wear and look gorgeous. With our wrap-and-wear sarees, we take the mystery out of draping a saree – while bringing the sheer joy and tradition of wearing a saree accessible to all.

      Regardless of your geography, age and ethnicity, we have a saree that renders a sizzling look that will catch everyone’s attention. From traditional and gorgeous embroidery work to contemporary and chic net fabric or the super-casual chiffon, we have the finest selection of ready to wear sarees for any mood, style and occasion.

      Simply wrap, wear and you are ready to go fabulous and festive in just 1 minute!

      Do You Have Ready to Wear Sarees in Your Fashion Wardrobe?

      A ready-to-wear saree is a must-have in any woman’s closet. Simply because it makes the entire “saree experience” more fun and stress-free. No more “how to wear a saree” videos on YouTube, no more teaching classes from your mother! One-minute sarees make the entire experience a breeze.

      Here’s why you should definitely have a ready-to-wear stitch saree in your fashion wardrobe:

      ·       The sarees come pre-stitched with all its pleats and pallu in place. Simply pull it over the waist, secure the hook, tuck in the pleats and toss the pallu over your shoulder – it’s that quick and simple!

      ·       Wrap-and-wear sarees are available in a variety of styles and fabrics – from gaudy and traditional silk sarees to more contemporary and stylish net, chiffon, georgette, and more.

      ·       It literally takes just 1 minute to wear the saree – perfect to wear quickly for casual parties, romantic dinners, special occasions or formal events. Ready-to-wear sarees save much of your time.

      ·       Even if you have never worn a saree, you can easily go with One minute sarees to amp up your look for any occasion. Just follow the instructions and you are all set.

      ·       The sarees can be paired with any designer footwear and accessories to further accentuate your look and glamor.

      So, there isn’t any reason why you should not have a ready to wear saree in your closet.

      Designer Women’s Ethnic Wear for Any Occasion

      Our latest collection of designer stitch saree is great for wearing on any special occasion. From weddings to engagement, corporate events, festivals, romantic dinners or any casual party – the sarees beautifully adorn you in style and charm. Shop premium-quality sarees, made of excellent fabrics and featuring a design that never goes out of style.

      From custom-stitched designer chiffon saree to wrap-and-wear 1-minute party wear saree, dazzling sequins to traditional glam – we have it all. Browse through our exclusive collection and take your pick from one that perfectly matches the occasion and your style quotient.

      For weddings, flaunt a glam look with traditional ready to wear sarees in silk, tussar, etc. These sarees look heavy and stunning but are easy & quick to wear. Romantic dinner with your beloved? Look sizzling in a smoking-hot net saree, paired with a strappy blouse and your favourites stilettos. Trust us; you will make your beloved’s heart skip a beat – whether or not you know how to wear a saree perfectly.

      These easy-to-wear sarees are also perfect for formal occasions like gala corporate events, award shows and even business meetings. Grab pretty 1-minute chiffon or georgette in florals and team it up with a stylish belt – and you are all set to make heads turn in any event. We also have some fantastic collections to make you look stupendous at casual parties and festivals.

      Quick Tips to Wear 1-Minute Sarees for Any Occasion

      Here’s how to perfectly drape a stitch saree in less than a minute:

      ·       Shop your favourite wrap-and-wear saree online at

      ·       Pull up the saree over a tight legging or petticoat and comfortably hook it up on the right side of your waist. If you are wearing a heavy silk saree, you do not need to wear a petticoat underneath it.

      ·       The sarees come with readymade pleats, all made evenly to give your body a perfect shape. Once you hook the saree on your waist, the pleats will automatically fall into its place without having to tuck it. Just bring the pleats to the canter for a beautiful fall.

      ·       Now take the pallu of the saree and place it over your left shoulder. Use safety pins to secure the pallu with the blouse

      That’s it! You are all ready to glam up your look on any special occasion or party – and in less than a minute. These ready to wear sarees are just saviors! Particularly at times when you need to haste to an event and yet look beautiful. is your one-stop solution for charming and elegant pre-stitched or 1-minute sarees online. Browse our collection and buy at the best prices!