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      Shopgarb Brings to You Sophisticated Banarasi Saree's Collection

      Dreaming of rich brocades and fine silks? Indulge in the evergreen charm of Banarasi Silk Sarees woven to reflect an ongoing legacy. Choose from pocket-friendly variants to exclusive, handloom drapes crafted to be a collector's pride.

      Banarasi Saree's Benlongs to banaras, Uttar Pradesh. A Banarasi saree is a saree made in Varanasi, an ancient city which is also called (Banaras). The sarees are among the finest sarees in India and are known for their gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk and opulent embroidery. The saris are made of finely woven silk and are decorated with intricate design, and, because of these engravings, are relatively heavy.

      Banarasi saree is one such saree which is made of threads. Banarasi sarees are famous all over India, you can see the complete collection of Banarasi sarees on shopgarb.  

      Woven work: 

      Weaving is a type of fabric construction where two sets of threads, the warp and the weft, interlace at right angles to create cloth suitable for a variety of functions. Weaving is done on a loom, which holds the warp threads under tension allowing them to be intersected by the weft. All banarasi sarees have a zari weaving work or multi thread work. 

      Drape for Occasions: 

      Banarasi saree is a such a silk yard and finished by woven work. This is mostly famous in Southern or Northern Part of India. Maharastrian culture also recommend to this silk yard banarasi saree. If you want to your best look for wedding function so you can carry out the designer latest sarees. Banarasi silk sarees are colorful silk sarees with a beautiful ethnic drape. Extremely light and convenient to carry, soft silk saree provides an illusion of heaviness and hence are a perfect choice for parties and functions. We know of one such exquisite form of weaving from the state of Gujarat which is the floral weave. 

      About Banarasi Woven: 

      The saree is an Indian traditional outfit, which is worn by women in all india. Every woman will be feeling very fashionable and comfortable in the banarasi saree in mehendi ceremonies like bridal mother elder sister and aunt. Festive occasions are quite a reason to pick this banarasi silk saree. Soak yourself in the charm and finesse of this sophisticated jacquard weaving silk designer sarees. A perfect coalition of vogue and luxury, our latest collection of sarees will turn you instantly captivated. Appealing and pleasing, soft silk woven sarees are here to wear, designed in shades of dark or light, this will give your ethnic wardrobe a stylish makeover.  Zari-woven soft silk sarees have a terrific appeal and a subtle feminine grace that sparkles every woman wearing them. Love this outfit and get ready yourself for the wedding or festival season.

      We have a wide selection of silk sarees to make you feel beautiful on your special day and choose from a variety of colors such as shades of all types of dark or pastels colors. Banarasi sarees are the perfect choice for weddings or festive wear where you don't want it to be too traditional yet you prefer comfort. If you are in any doubts whether there is a party or function at your house and you do not have anything that looks attractive, then be sure and make your moment memorable forever by selecting banarasi sarees only at SHOPGARB. Banarasi woven silk sarees carry a taste of royal glory and are soaked in the aristocratic kutchi art and the vibrant charm of banarasi weaving.

      • Celebrate the forms, patterns, and palettes by attributing yourself with this palatial golden/ silver butta woven two-tone banarasi silk sarees enchantingly thrilled with lavish zari work.
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