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Why A Saree?

A saree is seen as a cultural symbol in India. However, many fashion experts have described the saree as a piece of cloth where grace met culture. Saree looks very elegant of all women segments and is often believed to have increased the charm of a lady. The saree is also highly comfortable to women once they become habitual and can be worn anywhere without looking out of place.

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Origin and History of Indian Saree

A simpler version of the current form of Saree has existed for a long time now. The existence of Satika, which is believed to be the earlier form of saree, can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilization. The earlier version of it was a three-piece ensemble similar to the contemporary version. The Indian subcontinent has been producing Cotton and Silk for over 2000 years now. In contrast, the natural dye used in indigo, turmeric, and lac madder has also been used in the Indian subcontinent for more than 2000 decades. These three items were used to create a saree during the Indus Valley Civilization time.

Sarees have been featured in early Indian literature as well. Many historical books of Indian culture mention the saree as the traditional dress during the earlier times. Saree has evolved drastically over the years. Earlier saree was draped around the waist, whereas the upper body was left bare with just the open end of the saree draped around the shoulder. The evolution of the saree continued with time. Stanpatta, a piece of cloth, soon started getting used to cover the bust area of women. The current form of saree was achieved with continuous evolution over some time. The present state can be traced back to a few hundred years.

Saree has also endured its share of controversy. During the earlier times, Saree faced a lot of criticism from many religious writers of India. The abdomen is left exposed in a saree which created a ripple amongst many believers in India. According to mythology, the navel, which sits at the abdomen area's center, is believed to be the source of life in many books about superior powers. A women's navel is also thought to be the source of creativity amongst India's religious writers. The navel is left exposed in a saree which made several people look down on the saree as a piece of clothing.

Different Types of indian Sarees online and their material:

Saree are made from a plethora of materials and are worn by all the segments of women. A saree can be worn anywhere from a family function to a party from college farewell to a regular office. Different materials are used to make these elegant pieces of clothing. Let us take a look at the most famous sarees online material and their uses:

  • Cotton Sarees online: Cotton is a material that is found in abundance in India. The initial version of the saree was also made from cotton. Women generally love cotton sarees when it comes to comfort. These lightweight sarees can be used anywhere and is a favorite amongst women who choose comfort with style. These can be worn anywhere from the office to daily. The modern design of cotton sarees can give a complex to even the best-designed outfits and can be worn at parties.
  • Silk Sarees online: Another material that was found in India in earlier times. Silk is a material that can be famous amongst the fairer sex for its texture, luxurious and robust appeal. The saree made from Silk are generally heavy but have a beautiful and lively color scheme. Women usually prefer these sarees for parties and marriages. The Kanjeevaram and Assam Silk sarees, which are amongst the most famous examples of silk sarees, are prominent in the entire world for their beautiful texture and design.
  • Synthetic Fibers sarees online: These types of sarees are made from a material that does not occur naturally. However, synthetic sarees are loved by women who do not drape a saree regularly. These sarees are lightweight, just like sarees made from cotton, whereas they offer a smooth and vibrant color scheme and texture similar to the silk sarees. These sarees are easy to carry and hence are preferred by contemporary women.
  • Net sarees online: These types of sarees are the latest invention of the Indian fashion industry. They are meant to compete with western dresses and are becoming a hot favorite. Net sarees are decorated with modern designs and embroidery, which is very detailed to make them look as appealing as possible. The Net sarees are often worn in functions with a western touch, such as office parties and cocktail parties.


Sarees are the popular attire among Indian women. These are the most preferred and commonly used attire by women in India. It is the Basic attire for the ladies in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and becoming popular day-by-day in western Countries also. It can be found in a huge range of designs and colors. Shop Garb has the best quality sarees and a wide range of designs & colors. Saree Online Shopping also at cheap prices at Shop Garb which is the best online shop in India.

Sarees are an integral part of our culture. They represent everything that gives us comfort, whether it's napping in grandma's lap or hiding behind mom's pallu while playing hide and seek. But more so ever, they have become a fashion statement. Right from Deepika Padukone's lungi dance to Priyanka Chopra's Desi girl twirl, this ever-evolving attire has garnered popularity across the world. If you think only old-fashioned, gossiping women wear them, you could not be more wrong. The perception around the outfit and its wearer changed with the decade and now is considered to be the most happening outfit for women. Whether you are shopping + Saree online shopping or locally, whether you buy them from the local retailer or from surat saree market, whether you choose a cotton one or a net one, whether you opt for heavy occasion wear or a low price saree for girls & your daily needs, your choice will create your impression.


It is never easy to narrow down a saree from the plethora of fashion and styles that are currently available. Be it online shopping of this outfit or any other means; the choices are endless. Fabrics such as Georgette, Cotton, Chiffon, Net, and the latest to join the bandwagon is Linen. These fabrics are best suited for everyday attire. Mainly because they are easy to handle, they wrap around your body quite comfortably, and they do not crease easily (except for Cotton and Linen). Low-price variants, as well as high-price ones, are readily available.

Geometric patterns, flower prints, shaded hues, prints, laces, and a thousand other things, even the daily-wear ones, are distinct and fashionable. There are different fabrics and patterns which are exclusively worn for occasional outings. The ones made with Net as its base fabric is one such example. And so is a Patola. The intricate design of a handmade double ikat saree, famously known as the patola, is so gorgeous, beautiful, and time-consuming, in blocks and diamonds, that it takes a few weeks to get the final product! The Patolas are considered auspicious and are worn on occasions. Isn't it amazing?


This Indian dress differs from region to region and is easily available, across the country, these days. With the Online shopping Saree being so easy, people living in different parts of the country are made aware of the different and unique styles that are worn in other regions. Women now want to flaunt a south Indian style drape even though they reside in eastern or western parts of the country. Similarly, a Gujarati woman wants to wear the traditional Maharashtrian drape if she is attending a Maharashtrian wedding. The exposure to our own but different Indian cultures has made women appreciate divergent drapes and has increased the demand for low price sarees. The ideal solution for these ladies is cheap options that are easily available online. The smallest whim of a woman (for different variants of this ever-evolving attire) is being satisfied regardless of the region, function, pattern, design, etc. with online shopping.


Not just the pattern, even the colors play an important role in the selection of this Indian outfit, whether it's for daily routine or wedding occasions. Bright, bold, and summery hues are the Best Saree Online options for daily routines where else the subtle, powder shades of the pastels are much preferred for occasions such as weddings, festivals, and sangeet ceremonies. Age is another factor that plays a part in the color selection of this outfit. The older generation swerves towards lighter shades of brown, grey, pink, cream, etc. The younger generation, in contrast, is more inclined towards brighter shades like bold blue, red, yellow, green, or dark pink. Neon colors are also quite popular amongst younger women.


Sarees from different parts of the country have different draping styles. Visit any Saree online shopping site, and you are sure to find the various ways used to drape it. The front pallu style is very famous amongst the women of Gujarat, the Bengali style of draping a saree on both shoulders is quite intriguing too, and the south Indian style of wearing two small sarees at once is unique and beautiful.


Designer Saree Online is available in different types and colors depending on the region it is made and on the fabric used. Some of the different types of sarees are Banarasi, Pochampally, Bengali, Surat Sarees, etc, are the major types of sarees used. Cotton, Silk sarees are some of the types which depend on the fabric used. Today you can get the sarees of your own choice also which are called customized sarees. Designer sarees, printed sarees are also popular among the women of the mid-age group.


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Depending upon the fabric or material, the embellishments such as embroidery, stone-work, etc., and the pocket of the buyer, these variants ranging from low price to high price are available. It is a norm these days where women want to wear different sarees even in their day-to-day life. For this simple reason, the demand for cheap sarees has increased manifold in recent years. There are many Indians who reside outside India but love wearing this traditional drape. For such women, Online saree shopping has proven to be a boon. Buy sarees in india at low price. Take your pick from our wide range of saree collection simple chiffon sarees in bold and vibrant colours. Saree Online Shopping at low price.

Saree is a piece of cloth of 4.5 to 9 meters long in length with one end draped around the waist and the other end draped on the shoulders uncovering the mid part. It is generally worn on a blouse or jacket for an attractive and stunning look. It can be used on any occasion and can allure your look. It is the historical and traditional attire for Indian women.

The Indian fashion industry has always been amongst the trendiest. The designers in India always come up with a new clothing piece that seizes the world's attention. However, the most prominent fashion statement made by the Indian industry is something that has been ruling the hearts since the Vedic era, the saree. A saree is one of the most popular garments for women in the Indian subcontinent. The most attractive feature about a saree is its simplicity. The term saree is derived from the Sanskrit language, where it means a piece of cloth. A saree is nothing but an unstitched piece of clothing that is wrapped around a woman's body in different ways. The length of a saree can range from anywhere between 4.5 meters to 9 meters.

It is generally wrapped around a waist with one side of it donned around the shoulder. The abdomen is left bare, leaving the rest to the imagination of the admirer. A saree is worn with a blouse, known as choli in various parts, and a dress known as ghagra in the North part of the Indian subcontinent. The elegance of it lies in the ability to wear it. A saree can be wrapped in around 80 ways. The most common method to drape a saree is known as the Nivi style.



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